Wednesday, November 9, 2016

What We Must Do Now

1.      Repair the discourse.  No more empty abstractions or abusive language.  We attempt to explain real positions in concrete terms.  We object to policy not people.  We explain how opposition without erecting straw men or resorting to ad hominem attacks.  We show respect for people while disagreeing with their ideas.
2    2.     End big government, not because of its cost but because of its influence.  Progressivism has been obstructed momentarily.  Power must return to the states in areas like education and social/moral issues.  Power becomes unaccountable the farther it gets from home.
3    3.      Repair the nation’s respect for the election system.  Rumors of a rigged vote, bad machines, and dead people voting don’t help with public confidence.
4    4.      Repair the nation’s respect for justice.  The case in point is Hillary Clinton, the FBI and Justice Department, and the wikileaks revelations.  This is not political revenge.  It is bringing forth real evidence to exonerate or implicate.  The nation must have confidence in its justice system.  It must be free of political strategy.  Justice must be blind again.
      5.    The media was respected as the fourth branch of government.  It must return to a place of independence and respect and show itself to be trustworthy again.  No more collusion.
6    6.     Restore a respect for objective morals.  We must win the argument on abortion, gay marriage, and governmental limitations on the basis of a common ethic.  Otherwise, we just yell at each other.  This necessitates a restored understanding of the role of religion and morality in government.

Donald Trump has shown a great ability to destroy and tear down.  Building up, however, is a different skill.  If we cannot accomplish these goals, our nation will return to its progressive, downward spiral.

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