Sunday, June 29, 2008

Vow of Grace

I took your hand to love you
-a woman worthy to be loved-
With a zeal drawn from the
Jealous heart of God Himself.

The LORD had put it in my heart
To honor and to love
To cherish and protect
To encourage and promote you
To be upright and faithful
No matter what the cost
'Til death do us part.

I took your hand, ready to give until
By love I was undone.

But the tenderness of your hand
Rewards my covenant with grace
And the energy of my zeal
Becomes the gratitude of my tears.

Monday, June 23, 2008

"My Dear Loving Uncle" and the Situation in Burma (Myanmar)

18 years ago I lost contact with a good friend. She taught me about zeal for Jesus ("How are we to prepare ourselves for the second coming?") and love for family. Her father was a night watchman, her mother cared for their home. As a young girl, my friend took care of her grandmother until her grandmother passed away. She wanted to be a nurse.
She always addressed her letters to "my dear loving uncle." I sent money to help with food and education. She stopped writing when the government of Burma refused to let the ministry who supported her in to audit ministry books. The country director retired and the ministry of help had to pull out.
The government still stands in the way of aid, even in the face of Cyclone Nargis. Reports from the field tell of International aid being warehoused to be sold on the black market, while the government passes out their idea of aid:
*A jagged piece of fabric
measuring 12 in x 7 In
*a slightly larger
piece of towel
* A bowl that can fit in the
palm of the hand with
a tablespoon of rice.
There are ways of getting help to needy people in Burma. If you would like to help, check out Christian Freedom International. We also have a friend on the ground. Check out your favorite mission agency or drop me a line. The people of Burma, particularly the Karen people, need our help.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Southern Cross

If there were no stars, would man be lonely-
Spinning at the center of nothing
A slight malfunction of the void
Moving as lords of an accident
Lone actor on the only stage.

Would man be deluded, if there were no stars-
Enthroning himself as Infinite
A monarch of all he surveys
Striding as noble in the darkness
And evolving into purpose.

Witnesses to Something Other
Pointers to the Eternal
Signposts of the First Cause
Stars mark the limits of man's power.

They are the guardians of his sanity.