Sunday, February 26, 2012

On the Other Side of the Wall

As we watch the disintegration of our culture, the church can respond in two ways. We can protest- explain publicly why this or that social issue is essential in the public square. We argue for the Creation Ordinances to be honored (Sanctity of Life, Sanctity of Marriage, Sanctity of Law, Sanctity of Work, and the Sanctity of Rest) in an attempt to push salt and light into the community we serve. We are good at this.

There is another way. Secularism has held sway long enough to have a track record. It taught the world was a blank slate and rebellious man could write on it whatever he willed. But the Creation Ordinances were still true, even if no one believed in them. Human beings, families, and communities have violated the way things were made by a holy and wise Creator. People lie broken and bleeding from the consequences of secularism.

The broken who live on the other side of the wall do not know why these things have happened to them. If the church is willing, she can walk around the wall and minister to those on the other side. Here is a ministry of rescue, healing and hope. Compassion knows their names and helps them to their feet again. Compassion like Jesus showed helps us earn the right to speak with authority in the public square. Let's walk around the wall.