Monday, April 27, 2009

"Throwback Church" Marketing

One of the driving forces in my seminary experience was the need to mold the church in order to make it relevant to the changing world outside. Thanks to the new "Throwback" Mountain Dew and "Throwback" Pepsi, I offer a cutting edge marketing slogan for the post-modern church:

Throwback Church:
Sometimes the best way forward is back.

Think of the possibilities! Advertising lines like-

Remember when the Bible was true and Jesus was the only way?
Remember when church was more than entertainment?
Remember when theology was the joy of the heart?
Remember when the Christian walk involved obedience and service?
Remember when worship involved intellect and will too?

Those are marketing possibilities I can stand behind!

Sanctity of Life and Darwin

The Table, a publication of Ashland Theological Seminary, asked us alumni to respond to the following question: "The phrase 'sanctity of life' is thrown about in the media with little or no consistency. How would you define 'sanctity of life'? What social issues should Christians be concerned about?" Here's my attempt at a short answer!

From my point of view, "Sanctity of Life" is chief among the Creation Ordinances. Like Marriage, Work, and Sabbath, Life is ordained and ordered by God. The Creation Ordinances are a recognition of God's design and intent for His creation from the very beginning. Even before the Mosaic law, the etchings of these ordinances were in our very being. In the ordinances, we recognize God's right to rule. Questions like "When does life begin?," "How is marriage defined?" or "What welfare reform would best honor the image of God in man?" are Creation Ordinance questions. Our answers to these questions either bow to the will and intent of our Maker or exhibit our rebellion. Perhaps one legacy of Darwin, as we celebrate his 200th birthday, is that society no longer has answers to these questions.