Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Thomas Watson is Wise

How many souls have been blown into hell with the wind of popular applause?.--Thomas Watson

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

"Push Back" Power

The new political strategy for winning debate has been described this way: "We will push back twice as hard." This is what political speech has come down to. No longer a discussion of differences concerning issues (maybe we can't debate the issues any more because we don't have a common ground concerning morality, truth, logic or worldview), political speech is now a contest to see who can display the most verbal muscle. And as we are seeing, verbal muscle is becoming intimidation and soon, if we are not careful, violence.
There is a better way to push back: Prayer. O. Hallesby writes that it only works in the hands of God's friends. It also comes with a safety lock (thank you, Lord)- that prayer will never be answered in a mechanical way that will cross God's purposes. Still if we pray for righteousness in our nation, change of heart for our citizens, and the ascension of godly leaders, we unleash the unstoppable power of God in individual, family, church and government spheres.
Righteous change is easily accomplished at God's hand, impossible on our own.