Saturday, July 12, 2008

4 Reasons to Listen to the Gettys

Recently, I had the opportunity of hearing Keith and Kristyn Getty at the Moody Pastors Conference. I loved their music so much I brought it home, along with sheet music. Since then, my wife has spent much more time at the church, playing piano and worshipping her Lord. I miss her.

I knew she would enjoy the simplicity of their music and the depth of their lyrics. So will you. Here are some reasons why:

1. The lyrics reflect strong theology: In Christ Alone is popular because it tells the story of Christ and why it matters to sinners like me.

2. The music has a simplicity that will appeal to a wide variety of worshippers so that several generations can sing together. This is in line with my zeal for intergenerational ministry.

3. The lyrics speak to deep human emotions without displaying a pop sentimentality. I went to the conference at Moody pretty drained from the busyness of life and ministry. Words like these reminded me of the commonality of my trials.

You have called me to this passage

and I'll follow, though I'm worn...

Let the treasures of the trial

form within me as I go

And at the end of this long passage

Let me leave them at your throne.

By the end of the conference, I was reminded of the Call of God and heard this refrain echoing in my heart:

King of Heaven, we will answer the call

we will follow bringing hope to the world

filled with passion, filled with power to proclaim

Salvation in Jesus' name.

4. Perhaps the best reason to consider listening, is the testimony of the Gettys themselves. Their website invites people to pray for them in a real spirit of humility. Keith Getty recognizes his own need of grace: "I understand that the seeds of every sin are in the heart of every man so no matter what I write or what I pray or what I achieve, there is not one despicable sin of which I am not capable. So I start from that position." Kristyn Getty said it best in an interview with AFA (Check it out at "On our best days, we think Kingdom thoughts, and that simply comes from being in the Word every day and prayer. That is our lifeblood and power source."

What are my favorite songs? Start with In Christ Alone. Its a great retelling of the death and resurrection of Christ and our identification with Him. Listen to Speak, O Lord. Its a great prayer for illumination before the service. I think my favorite is When Trials Come. You'll see why. Let me know what you think.