Tuesday, June 9, 2009

More "Throwback Church" Ideas

I did a Memorial service on Saturday that reminded me again of the value of a church built upon the values of community and intergenerational interaction . I heard memories of little girls riding their bikes over for Vacation Bible School and getting married in the brand-new sanctuary. In the past, I have heard stories of wood stoves, outhouses, and carriage rows, and men sleeping in the carriage while the family attended services. Young and old came because they valued the gospel and their relationship with Christ.
Today, the church teeters on the brink of trading the content of the gospel for a desire to be culturally attractive. Maybe its time to start "kicking it old skool:"

"I have a deep confidence that the best way to be lastingly relevant is to stand on rock-solid, durable old truths, rather than jumping from one pragmatic bandwagon to another." -John Piper