Sunday, August 28, 2011

Triumphal Procession Part Two

Imagine the scene: Satan, Angel of light, Accuser of the brothers, Roaring lion, is led naked down the parade route of the universe with a hook in his nose. A train of henchmen, the hordes of hell, follow silently behind. The jangling of chains has replaced the jangling of weapons. A thousand battle cries have been replaced by a roar of victory from the crowds who line the road. The highest and lowest of angels and men join voices. Christ is King and the Troubler of men has gone to His doom.

Triumphal Procession

Effects of a Triumphal Procession!
1) To show the nation that the war was truly over
2) The nation releases their anxiety and fear as the enemy is permanently humiliated
3) Other enemies would be disheartened
4) Show how small the enemy truly was
5) To display the glory of the victor.