Tuesday, March 31, 2009

How to Lose Your Children

What is more important for training our children than youth groups, education curriculum, concert events, peer retreats, or a full-time youth pastor? What if its the example of the parent generation? Listen to the following quote, then spend some time, like me, mulling over its implications:

"The only way we are going to impact the world and the next generation is to prove that our faith in Christ is real and that it works. For countless Christians, I'm convinced it's real. My concern is whether or not we have the fruit to suggest it works... the gap between our theology and our reality is so wide we've set ourselves up for ridicule... some of us are working pretty hard at something that's hardly working." -Beth Moore, Believing God

Monday, March 2, 2009

Pray for Joni Eareckson Tada

I recently read these prayer requests from Joni on Justin Taylor's blog (March 2- theologica.blogspot.com)

1. Pray that my fragile bones become stronger.
2. Ask God to infuse courage into my heart daily!
3. Over all, my pain levels are getting much better but still, please pray away any anxiety.
4. Help me not to become me-centered when I'm in pain!
5. Pain medication is never fun to take. Pray that soon and very soon I won’t have to lean as heavily on it.
6. Plead to God that I might know Jesus better through all of this and not "waste" my sufferings!!

Taylor ends by asking, "So would you consider taking these requests before the throne of grace? I know that she is deeply thankful."

Taylor also has a lecture on The Theology of Suffering that Joni gave at Dallas Theological Seminary embedded on his site. It is definitely worth checking out at theologica.blogspot.com.